Kylie VandenBrand

Born and raised in Holland, Michigan, Kylie always knew she wanted to be different than other girls. She would ask her dad to go to the gym with him and learned all the basics of strength training from him at an early age. When she got her license, the first place she went was to her favorite local gym with her mom to sign up so she could go after school and start building muscle. Her passion for fitness continued when she attended Grand Valley State University and attained a degree in Exercise Science to help others fall in love with fitness as much as she did. Since then she has worked in fitness facilities, rehab facilities, group fitness and much more. During that time she also competed as a women’s physique competitor attaining an overall win in her very first show and competing nationally. Kylie now resides in Metro Detroit with her three dogs and works as the Regional Director of Training for F45 Training studios in the area.