Maryam Bamdad

My name is Maryam and I am an Iranian-Canadian IFBB Figure Pro and an Olympian. I am also a senior IT professional, foodie for burgers, pizza, cheesecake, wine and anything else in between that shouts unhealthy! This was how I enjoyed life until I tipped the scale at 210 pounds in 2014. That was when I decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and weight training. And wasn’t that a “life changing” decision for me! During this journey, I began to fall in love with bodybuilding, and the mental and physical discipline it took to train 6 nights a week and follow a strict diet to build a beautiful physique. The symmetrical physiques immortalized by Candice Lewis, Cydney Gillon and Nicole Wilkins’s of the world. To see how far I can go, I entered my first regional competition in 2015 and okay, that did not go too well LOL. But I looked at it as part of the downs we all experience in any journey. We step back, re-focus, make a plan and EXECUTE. From there I was able to win several Canadian National titles, earned my professional status and won my first pro show, which qualified me for both Arnold and Olympia contests in 2020.

I love inspiring & empowering women to be the best versions of themselves and to expand what they think is possible. Whether it is in fitness, lifestyle or their professional careers — I`m in IT so Geeks Rule! 😉

My journey hasn’t been an easy one but one thing I have learned is that discipline and perseverance are rewarding. Whatever you want to be is yours only if you are willing to work for it with absolute commitment. Focus on what you can control, anything else will drive you nuts.