Matt Greggo, born in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, is a highly motivated, goal driven leader, who strives to be the best and help others become their best. In November 2020, Matt earned his IFBB Pro Card, where he will now be competing with the best in the world in Men’s Physique. Matt has a degree in Business Management and multiple Training and Nutrition Certifications. Matt owns a professional coaching business, with hundreds of successful transformations. In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time with his loved ones, editing videos for his YouTube Channel, and researching business, nutrition, and training.


“I have many goals in bodybuilding, but the biggest one is to compete with the best at the Mr. Olympia in Men’s Physique. It’l has been a dream of mine to get to that stage and I have always manifested my dreams. From winning my pro card to winning my first show, I’ve always manifested my visions into reality. I know that with my work ethic, god given genetics, and the team around me, any goal is achievable.

Through bodybuilding, my goal is to continue to motivate and inspire people to chase their dreams. In addition, I plan to continue lead and teach my Greggo Training LLC team, so we all can grow and find success.”


“Bodybuilding has been a passion of mine for over 10 years now. I only grow to love it more, as it’s a game of constant evolution. I love the challenges and struggles that come with it, as it makes for special moments. Bodybuilding has developed and molded me in countless ways. From the discipline to mental fortitude, the personal growth has been exponential. I love bodybuilding, I love to teach bodybuilding, and plan to be in the industry for the rest of my life.”




“You don’t have to love the hard work. You just have to crave the end result so intensely that the work becomes irrelevant.”