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rich lauro


Rich Lauro is a natural professional bodybuilder in the WNBF, trainer and gym owner. Rich became sponsored by Controlled Labs in 2007 after winning his class at the NPC Natural Ohio. Since working with Controlled Labs, he has earned his WNBF Pro Card by winning the lightweight class INBF Naturalmania Nationals in 2008. He also took home a bronze medal at the WNBF Pro Southern Natural Championships in Texas, in addition to a runner-up finish at the Strongest on the Hill strongman competition in 2011. Rich earned 4 first place amateur finishes in the NPC, INBF and ONBF since his competitive debut in 2005.

Rich is the owner of Beyond Limits Training gym in Columbus, Ohio and also holds one of the largest drug tested shows in the United States, in the Natural Buckeye Classic and Pro Men’s Tournament of Champions. This year alone the Beyond Limits Training team has racked up 12 first place finishes, 5 overall wins, 4 WNBF Pro Cards and 13 other top 5 finishes. Rich is also a proud father to his daughter Ava and husband to Angie Lauro. He thanks God for his strength and wisdom.

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Thursday/Delts and Traps

Rich’s training is hard and heavy during both the offseason and contest prep. Heavy weights build and retain thickness, so powerlifting and compound movements are the foundation of his training. The pace and volume of his workouts increase during contest prep while implementing cardio. Attacking weak points is the continual focus adjusting my training every 3-6 weeks depending on the exercise and sticking points.

Heavy Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Rows, Pullups and Curls are staples in his training. Rich believes firmly in being a strong as possible in every possible rep range 1-3, 4-6, 8-12, 15-20 and up depending on the movement.



  • Orange Triad 2 caps three times daily
  • Green Magnitude 1 scoop preworkout
  • Purple Intrain & Purple Wraath 1 scoop each mixed with Gatorade and Maltodextrin during workout
  • White Flood cycled year round
  • Blue Gene, Blue Up and Blue Growth cycled year round
  • Reduction AM/PM during precontest prep


  • Cable Wrist Curls-4 sets, 20 reps at 47lbs for 4 sets.
  • Standing Behind The Back Wrist Curls-4 sets, 20 reps at 52lbs for 4 sets.


  • 3500-4500 calories during offseason
  • High carb, moderate protein. low to moderate fat
  • 5-7 meals daily
  • 2200-3500 calories during precontest prep
  • Tapering and Cycling Carbs and Fat during precontest prep