Yuki Scorci

Yuki Scorci is from Tokyo, Japan. His hobbies are working out and doing martial arts. He is a former pro mma fighter who started wrestling and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu at age 7. Yuki started bodybuilding after he injured his knee during his last mma fight. Yuki didn’t want to get any major injures and at that time, men’s physique was getting popular so he wanted to try and compete in men’s physique. He started competing back in 2015 and has competed a few times in Japan winning the All Japan Overall. He has also competed in a few NPC competitions in the US placing top 5, 3 and winning a show. Yuki has also done a few pro qualifier shows in Japan, US, China and the Philippines. His goal is to become an IFBB Pro and try to go to the Olympia stage.