What you see on the outside isn’t the full story! The same is true with me… I’ve had a story just like each of you, and it’s taken hard work and pushing through many challenges over the years to achieve my goal to become an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and Olympia level athlete. So I hope my story can encourage you to work hard and chase your dreams. Hard work always pays off!

Just a bit of background…I started music studies at an early age, playing piano, violin and flute and after many years settled on violin until I became a teacher. The practice of doing something daily certainly taught me discipline early. Simply put, discipline is simply the ability to want something more in the future than you want in the present. It takes practice and repetition.

As a young adult, I worked hard and finished with a Marketing & Business Management degree. During this time I began to exercise and realized how much I loved lifting heavy things and pushing my body! I enjoyed road racing, mountain biking, triathlete training, running and weight training. I studied nutrition and bodybuilding and realized the amazing world of physical fitness. I found any way I could to keep activity in my life as well as working hard in my marketing business career.

It wasn’t until after competing in my first bodybuilding show in 2000, I realized I had finally found something that I had a passion for. Over time, bodybuilding helped me see physical fitness as empowering and emotionally fulfilling. From the first show onwards, I realized that this sport fit me.

By 2003 I had started my own business as a PT and Lifestyle Coach. As I competed and encountered other challenges I was able to use these as a stepping stone to better assist my clients. I battled through lower back spinal issues, thyroid cancer, thyroid disease, cervical spinal fusion. Each of my physical challenges was a catalyst to become a more experienced coach for others. As I continued to compete and move up the ranks in the bodybuilding world, I specialized in advanced bio mechanics, nutritional training for athletes, and weight loss.

While pursuing my pro card, I lived overseas for over a decade working with active duty military and family members as well as online clients. Working closely with the military community has helped me evolve my nutritional training practices further as I look for creative ways to help those with challenging schedules, work environments and stressful jobs maintain or improve their health.

In 2009, I achieved my dream of becoming an IFBB Pro as a female bodybuilder at the prestigious North American Championships. At the time there was no women’s physique and I was 5’10” and 180# on stage. As a Canadian only 1 pro card per year was awarded, and 1 at the North Americans so a very slim chance to win with a large class of experienced athletes. I was the first Canadian in 26 years to win 2 pro cards in one show and force the judges to make an alternate decision! In my first year as a pro I was immediately invited to the prestigious Arnold Class and treated like a queen as a competitor. They just kept saying “where did you come from”? Just Canada! I continued to compete and in my first year earned a spot at the Olympia.

Over the years and changing course to downsize after spinal fusion surgery and enjoy a different look, I have stood on all kinds of stages with the best athletes. I earned a place as a top competitor in multiple divisions and enjoyed the friendships and hard work that it took to earn that spot. Recovering from spinal surgery was a major accomplishment, and to be invited once again to compete on the Arnold stage again as a female bodybuilder 18 months later was one of my major accomplishments. I have enjoyed standing at the top spot in both bodybuilding and physique and encouraging both top competitors and regular folks to use good nutrition to achieve great results. I have countless people to thank who have supported me as I have achieved my goals!

Currently, I work for the US military as well as coaching lifestyle and competition coaches. I get to work with the “best of the best” and clients who desire true change! I enjoy helping others and continue to push myself to achieve my best physical shape and condition. I love training hard, pursuing knowledge helping others with their nutritional and lifestyle skills. I am excited to align with Controlled Labs to promote products with integrity and work with other hard-working athletes with the same goal. Work hard, dream big and achieve goals!

… “never stop chasing your dreams”….

Thank you for stopping by and I hope my story and the stories of a few of my clients profiled will help encourage and motivate you!